Hats trends Autumn-Winter 2019

Hats refold major trend this fall-winter 2019 being the essential complement for this time of year
Besides the cool cover us add personality to our dress
The hats the touch masculine styling and personal, and how they can transform a simple outfit into something much more striking. The styles and possibilities are varied.The Borsalino’s these hats are easy to match and if you’re not used to using this is your best option. This type of hat suits all seasons, and in summer as we find it in raffia or rattan, cloth for this season is the most used tissue.

Since the classical model also can use at any time of year can be found in different versions with wing wider, narrower, higher or lower.

The wide brim hats brimmed hats are riskier because if you’re not used to using them you will feel weird, but try different styles until you find your own with which you feel comfortable.

The wide-brimmed hats, to have a more feminine style, can be included in looks featuring skirts or dresses, further supporting the femininity of the outfit.

The black hat is the most simple and easy to wear, but for the most daring and want the hat is the protagonist, the best option is animal prints.
Lady style hats are ideal to highlight femininity in any look. They are very retro in style of the 20′s, where elegance and simplicity were present within the female outfits. As the years have passed this kind of hats, which originally was a simple “casque” now expand its width and are perfect for this time of year.

Remember the important thing is to have fun and find the right style for you dare and brings personality to your looks this season.