Minirelato And Delicious Witch Hats

This minirelato was inspired by something that happened to me not long ago. I had to go to Madrid to do some things and at one point I missed a bit lol. I saw some national police and without them, I went to ask for a street. Very kindly told me where it was and when it was going to fire me and thank them, one of them whispered to me and just left me speechless. Hope you like and enjoy reading ^ ^

Bea was in a hurry. It came too late and shoes hurt him and that they were not heeled. He took the subway and waited for four stops to get back to the surface. He looked at the clock and it was very late, in fact, had been done at night without even realizing it. She pulled out her phone from her purse and searched the slip which had targeted the street of your destination, but there was no way of finding it. However much searched every corner of his huge bag, nothing, no paper trail. He decided to search Google maps the name of the place that was, to be guided, but to his surprise, the phone had been killed, had remained are the battery, go slaughter.
After a few minutes of thinking about what to do, he decided to go to a payphone and call his brother to find him the site. He told Bea Street and pointed it in his hand. He looked back at the clock and got nervous because he was too late. With eyes inspected the place where he was and saw a couple of policemen standing outside their national car so swift and fast, presented himself before them and asked them quickly down the street I wanted and the indicated between the two perfectly and repeated it a few times so that you will be remembered. Very grateful, Bea started to leave, but when he was going to turn around and leave, one of those policemen, whispered:
-Because I’m in the uniform, but you asked for a lovely quote.
Bea, hearing those words, but could not crack a shy smile and nothing else. Just go in there, probably red.