Pedro Rodriguez hats for Mary Brillas

Starting from the premise that it was Pedro Rodriguez hatter, but a comprehensive designer conceived so the hat as an accessory that is part of a whole.
As a fashion designer, is clearly seen as their Hats evolve and become a part of social iconography of the hat: hats tighter from the years 20 and 30, small hats 40s, increasing wing length in 50 and following the trend of small drum shaped hats (called pillbox) in the 60.
Despite the trends, it is observed that the hats are designed for a specific facial appearance, that of Mrs. Brillas. From heart-shaped face, wide forehead and curly hair, I had aesthetic limitations that may look small from large-brimmed headdresses, and yet the designer prefers small-sized hats.
True to its principles of color and form in the choice of hat, Pedro Rodriguez celebrates womanhood through draping, color gradations storm blue-gray-green and luxury materials.
Also adorning their hats change over the decades from small pins in the 30 to the profusion of tulle and flowers on the 50.
Besides hats, Pedro Rodriguez in the present collection are the names of some of the most prestigious milliners of Barcelona (Paulina, Paquita Duran J.Mart Marti Marti P.Dols), and the names AMMoutn (Madrid) and Cossou (Biarritz), which together with the fact that it covers a time-span of 40 years can say that is certainly a historical sample of the evolution of fashion hat.