Preparing Halloween: Witch Hats

Halloween is coming and although in reality, we celebrate in our house for a short time, this year we decided to do a themed dinner for my birthday which coincides more or less at that time.

These days I’ll show you in the form of tutorials, two of the dinner preparations we will celebrate Halloween at home: witch Hats and brooms from home… I will tell you not to do so we will use the result as a surprise, but how we prepared …. seeing the result and imagining how they will be at the party because I was worth all the effort!
The first part of these tutorials we will devote to make homemade witch hats …. originally was going to buy because I needed enough!!, but after searching the internet I found a very simple tutorial and decided to “throw me into the pool” and make them at home (I have to confess that when I was in the fifth suspend manufacturing process and contact any online store selling costumes.