Witch Hats with paper plates

These Hats are ideal for Halloween witch, and very simple to prepare, as they are made with recycled paper plates birthday party and a piece of cardboard. With this and a bit of black paint and we have enough elements to make us our witch hats recycled to prepare our Crafts for Halloween

Materials for the witch hat paper plate, tape or masking tape, cutter, cardboard, black paint, brush, glue. And if you want to decorate the hat but you can put some glitter and moving eyes.

To make the first witch that’ll take cardboard and make a cone and it will hook.

Then we will put the cone upside down on the paper plate and draw the diameter of the circle.

Then we draw a circle around the cheeses on the tabs to go inside the cap. Then carefully cut with a cutter and place on the inside as shown in the photographs.

As you see in the image already cut tabs and are holding inside the cone so that it does not fall. It can be attached with tape or adhesive tape.

Finally, it is painted black and dry when you put white glue and some glitter and if you are moving the eyes can also attach to decorate, but it is optional because the glitter alone can be very cool also.